Vorpal Systems and Count’s Kustoms of Las Vegas have teamed up to create truly, drug one of a kind, page and completely badass custom computers!


Your own privately built custom computer complete with the best technical specs and the sickest custom graphics / paint job you’ve ever seen.  We truly build the entire thing, more about inside and out, exclusively just for you!  That means no one else can get your computer.  It’s yours and only yours.

When you have guests come over, they will look at your computer and just stare…and maybe even drool a little…and you’re gonna love it!

One of a kind…no, seriously.


Vorpal Systems is the only custom computer builder that can claim that each and every computer we create will be the only one of it’s kind on planet Earth!

(We can’t attest to the other planets, though.)

Pearl Coat and Pinstripes!

Counts Kustoms is known world wide for sick paint jobs on choppers, classic cars, and now computers!  By applying the same type of techniques on painting cars, our computer cases come out glistening with a beautiful pearl coat that seems to come alive from different light angles.

Add some pinstripes and even hand turned gold or silver leaf accents and what you have is an unbelievable computer looking like a work of art that also happens to kick some ass!

Custom Air-brushed Graphics!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…and we think that’s a little light!  When you see the attention to detail up close on our Custom Air-brushed computers by our partner, Count’s Kustoms, you will be in awe…and so will all of your friends!  These things are sick!

Each time you look at the images, you will see something new that you hadn’t noticed before.  Truly a one of a kind, badass computer worthy of an elite gamer!