Campus Security

The University of Alberta is committed to providing safe and secure environments for learning, living, working and activities on our campuses. 

We are actively working with community partners to help address social and security trends currently impacting our campuses. Students, faculty and staff can also play a vital role by making personal safety practices part of your daily routine. 

Learn more about the campus safety and security services available at the U of A.

Campus Security Contact Information

911 (all campuses) Police, Fire, Ambulance

After calling 911, call 780-492-5050 to inform U of A protective services.

Call 780-492-5050 for crisis diversion.
Call 780-492-5050 for non-emergency security concerns.
Call 780-442-4900 for transit safety and security concerns.


Call 780-608-2905 for non-emergency security concerns.

Enterprise Square

Call 780-428-1541 for non-emergency security concerns.

Lost + Found

Call 780-492-2943.

Additional Emergency, Maintenance and Non-Emergency Information and Procedures

Staying Safe

Even small actions can make a big difference. By taking personal safety and security measures on a daily basis, students, faculty and staff can help keep our campuses safe for learning and work. For example:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Don’t hold the door open to areas that are locked or require ONEcard access.
  • Lock your vehicle and don’t leave any belongings on display.
  • Make eye contact with others. Avoid staring or keeping your head down.
  • Learn how to quickly call 911 on your mobile device.
  • Do not approach dangerous situations and call 911 for any emergencies.

Staying Safe

Campus safety + security services

A number of services are available for students, faculty and staff, including:

  • First Aid: U of A peace officers are trained in first aid and can offer assistance within their jurisdiction when called upon. They can also provide welfare checks for individuals who are deemed to be in need of medical attention.
  • Walking accompaniment: a U of A peace officer can accompany those walking outside of Safewalk’s regular hours of 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Lone Worker Program: offers check-ins for those working alone on campus.
  • Lost and Found: a service that helps reunite individuals with their lost belongings.

Campus + Security Services

U of A Protective Services

U of A peace officers, along with support services, work with community service and public safety partners to help people in crisis and to provide safe and secure environments on U of A campuses.

As a community peace officer agency, the U of A protective services team aims to support a positive university environment for students, staff, faculty and third-party users of our campus spaces, through the prevention, intervention and response to risks and emerging issues related to safety and security. They respond to complaints and emergencies on campus based on the level of risk to safety.

The Community Assistance Team is a partnership between the University of Alberta Protective Services, the Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society and the Mustard Seed Society that works with members of the university and community organizations to help individuals find and navigate support, using a person-centered, consent-based approach.

U of A Protective Services

Report an Incident

To report non-emergency safety and security incidents, call 780-492-5050, or visit U of A protective services in person at 11390-87 Ave (Education Car Park) on North Campus.

Alternatively, certain incidents, such as property theft and damage, can be reported online.

Similar to the City of Edmonton, the U of A has a campus-specific, publicly-available general security incident log, as quantitative incident trends are one indicator we regularly use to inform campus safety and security, and any necessary mitigation tactics.

Report an Incident

U of A Safety + Security Committee

The U of A’s Safety and Security Committee consists of students, faculties and staff representatives who assist in identifying priority and emerging security issues on university campuses as well as potential actions and solutions.

A number of safety and security improvements have been made based on the committee’s recommendations, including creation of the Community Assistance Team, creation of the EPS Liaison Officer position, improved building access control systems, adjustment of some building access hours and added building interior security measures.

Safety + Security Committee

Other Supports + Services

Student Health + Wellness

A number of free and confidential health resources for students.

Staff Health + Wellness

Resources to support the health and well-being of faculty and staff.

Helping Individuals At Risk Program

A confidential, centralized resource to report at risk behaviours or concerns.

Office of Safe Disclosure + Human Rights

Providing a safe, neutral and confidential space to disclose concerns.

Sexual Assault Centre

Safe, inclusive and confidential crisis intervention for survivors of sexual violence.

UASU Safewalk

A free accompaniment service for anyone travelling on or around campus at night.

UASU Cares

An interactive wellness resource designed to connect students with available services.

Off-Campus Resources

Off-campus and telephone community supports available 24/7.