Vorpal Systems and Count’s Kustoms of Las Vegas have teamed up to create truly, look one of a kind, discount and completely badass custom computers!


In the past, custom computer builders would add innovation by introducing a clear panel and colored neon lights to the traditional black computer case.

As the years went by, they added solid colors to replace the black cases.

But no one has created a unique custom build where each computer not only has the latest and greatest technology on the inside, but an individual custom paint job to match on the outside…until now!

One of a kind…no, seriously.


Vorpal Systems is the only custom computer builder that can claim that each and every computer we create will be the only one of it’s kind on planet Earth!

(We can’t attest to the other planets, though.)

Pearl Coat and Pinstripes!

Counts Kustoms is known world wide for sick paint jobs on choppers, classic cars, and now computers!  By applying the same type of techniques on painting cars, our computer cases come out glistening with a beautiful pearl coat that seems to come alive from different light angles.  Add some pinstripes and even hand turned gold or silver leaf accents and what you have is a unbelievable computer that is part badass and part art!

Custom Air-brushed Graphics!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…and we think that’s a little light!  When you see the attention to detail up close on our Custom Air-brushed computers, you will be in awe…and so will all of your friends!  These things are sick!  Each time you look at the images, you will see something new that you hadn’t noticed before.  Truly a one of a kind, badass computer worthy of an elite gamer!

Say something here…

“Counting Cars” on the History Channel


Count’s Kustoms has their own TV show called “Counting Cars” on the History Channel.  The show is one of the most popular shows on the History Channel and is seen in over 135 countries!

Our computers were featured in one of the episodes (Season 4, web ep 27) and you can check it out on the History Channel’s website along with all of the other episodes.

The four computer cases you see above on that episode were the first four prototypes that we built after announcing our partnership with Count’s Kustoms.  We call them “The Four Horsemen.”

Since then we have built many custom computers for individuals as well as corporations looking to create a new and different kind of marketing buzz for their product launches.

‘The Four Horsemen” consist of:

  1. “Good vs. Evil”
  2. “The Three Liches”
  3. “Blurple”
  4. “Green Machine”

paladin-knight-case     demon-knight-case  paladin-armor-3

“Good vs. Evil”

On the one side of this Custom Air-brushed computer, you’ll see that Good (represented by a Paladin Knight with ornate heavy armor and a holy sword) triumphs over evil (represented by the smoldering remains of the Demon Knight.)  If you look closely to the Paladin’s armor, you can see details of the “House of the Eagle” with eagle’s talons, wings and head adorned throughout.  You can also see the Count’s Kustoms’ “cross” logo on the arm of the Paladin, as well as in the bright full moon!

On the other side, you’ll see that Evil (represented by that Demon Knight with dual flaming swords) triumphs over good (represented by that Paladin Knight.)  You can see the heat of the armor rising as flecks of fire course throughout the demon’s body.  If you look closely to the bottom right corner, you can see the cracked helmet and the look of fear in the eye of the Paladin as he takes his last breath…realizing that he has failed his deity!

The victory for one on one side is the demise for one on the other!

green-lich-case-2     purple-lich-close-up     top-of-case-lich

“The Three Liches”

This computer has 3 Evil Liches (Lich = very powerful undead mage!) On the one side of this computer case is a Lich standing in some sort of green, mist-like area where a battle has taken place.  He is in the middle of casting some type of spell…raising the dead, perhaps?  The energy emanating around the Lich comes from his staff, as well as the soul of some creature being squeezed in his left hand.  You can see his spell book levitating as well as the Count’s Kustoms’ “cross” logo floating in the air like some type of ghostly apparition!  Look closer still, and you can see some shadowy figures in the background just to the right of the Lich!

On the other side of this insane computer case is another Lich in the middle of casting some type of spell, as well.  (Hey, Liches like to cast spells!)  You can see the hollowed orbs of glowing eyes…lifeless, yet scary as shit!  As the spell incantation leaves the Lich’s mouth, it activates the undead staff and it comes to life…or more likely death…for the unfortunate party that has stumbled across this undead mage!

Whenever we ask people which one of the 3 Liches they like the best…the answers vary, but the one on the top of the case just has that certain…”I’m about to ruin your day” look about him!  This Lich truly does subscribe to the old saying of, “Speak softly and carry a big stick (er, staff, in this case!)”



purple-pearl-coat-pin-stripe     purple-case-with-ck-logo-3     purple-case-top


The boys in the paint shop at Count’s Kustoms explained this case to us like this:  “It’s not blue.  It’s not purple.  It’s Blurple!”

This gorgeous computer is part of our Pearl Coat and Pinstripes computers and we love it!  The pictures don’t do it justice as the computer seems to come to life when looking at it from different light angles.  The silver leaf boarder and inlay combined with some sweet pinstripes really adds to this work of art…er, we mean…computer!

green-pearl-coat-pin-stripe     green-pearl-coat-and-pin-stripe     greencasetop

“Green Machine”

Like the “Blurple” case, this beauty is also part of our Pearl Coat and Pinstripes computers and it is a work of art!  The shadow boxes, the hand turned gold leaf border and center inlay, the brilliant pin-striping…we’re not sure if we should put it on our desk and play games on it or hang it on the wall and stare at it!