Count’s Kustoms has their own TV show called “Counting Cars” on the History Channel.  The show is one of the most popular shows on the History Channel and is seen in over 135 countries!

Our computers were featured in one of the episodes (Season 4, order ep 27) and you can check it out on the History Channel’s website.

The four computer cases you see to the left and above were the first four prototypes after announcing our partnership with Count’s Kustoms.  We call them “The Four Horsemen.” 

Since then we have built many custom computers for individuals as well as corporations looking to create a new and different kind of marketing buzz for their product launches.

‘The Four Horsemen” consist of:

  1. Good vs. Evil
  2. Tres Liches
  3. Blurple
  4. Green Machine

Good vs. Evil – side 1

On the one side of this wicked computer case is Evil (represented by a Demon Knight with dual flaming swords) triumphing over good (represented by a Paladin Knight.)  If you look closely to the bottom right corner, you can see the cracked helmet and the look of fear in the eye of the Paladin as he takes his last breath…realizing that he has failed his deity.

Good vs. Evil – side 2

On the other side of this sick computer case, you’ll see that Good (represented by a Paladin Knight with ornate heavy armor and a holy sword) triumphing over evil (represented by the smoldering remains of the Demon Knight.)  If you look closely to the Paladin’s armor, you can see details of eagle’s talons, wings and head throughout.  You can also see the Count’s Kustoms’ “cross” logo on the arm of the Paladin, as well as in the bright full moon!

Tres Liches – side 1

This computer has 3 Evil Liches (Lich = very powerful undead mage!) On this side of this insane computer case is a Lich in the middle of casting some type of spell.  Raising the dead, perhaps?  You can see the hollowed orbs of glowing eyes…lifeless, yet scary as shit!  As the spell incantation leaves the Lich’s mouth, it activates the undead staff and it comes to life…or more likely death!

Tres Liches – side 2

On the other side of this computer case is another Lich in the middle of casting some type of spell, as well.  (Hey, Liches like to cast spells!)  The energy emanating around the Lich comes from his staff, as well as the soul of some creature being squeezed in his left hand.  You can see his spell book levitating as well as the Count’s Kustoms’ “cross” logo floating in the air like some type of ghostly apparition!  Look closer still, and you can see some shadowy figures in the background just to the right of the Lich!

What good is a badass custom painted case if the technical specs inside are crap?

Well, viagra we couldn’t agree more!  That’s why you don’t have to worry about this because we don’t dictate what parts go into your computer…

YOU do!

Most custom computer builders use the same “build your own” module but we feel that this is only semi-customizing your computer.  The problem is that they only provide limited options and they don’t advise on why you should select one particular part over the other one.

How are you supposed to know which graphics card or processor choice is best for YOUR needs?  Should you go with 16 GB of memory or is it better to go with 32 GB?  How many cores in my processor will I need to maximize my frames per second (FPS)?

Confusing, right?

This is why we talk with every single one of our customers to get a good understanding of what they want and what they need in their high end computer.  We then advise them on different options to maximize their build and help them achieve the kind of computer gaming experience that they desire.